The City Of The Prophet (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him)

Milad-E-Mustafa (Salallahu Aleyhi Wasallam)

12th Rabi-ul-Awwal Sharif
Every year in the hour before subh al-sadiq (true dawn) we gather for recitation of the Holy Qur'an, Na`at Sharif, speeches by the `ulama, and group salam on our Master the Beloved of Allah, Allah's blessings and peace be upon him, at the hour of his birth.


(Surah Al Imran: 164)

Allah's Beloved (Allah bless him and send him peace) is himself the only blessing for which Allah specifically mentioned his favor upon humanity. Sayyiduna Rasulullah's arrival in our world is the coming of Allah's light and the opening of the doors of Jannat. It is imperative on every believer that they celebrate and give thanks for this blessing every day of their lives - or with every breath they take. Our annual celebration helps to refresh our iman and inject new energy into our dedication to and love for the Beloved of Allah. (Allah's infinite blessings and peace be upon Him.)

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